Our Story

Many of us will never forget 2020, and will share this year for generations to come. Julie for example will always remember March 2020. One week after her photography business shut down due to Covid, the daunting words came from her doctor. “Julie, I am sorry to tell you this, you have invasive breast carcinoma.”

When you go through something like this, your mortality is threatened and it makes you look at life in a different set of eyes. Julie started to look at things in a different perspective - which led to the birth of the Battle Boxes. With Julie’s ideas floating through her head, she decided to bounce them off her friend Shella.

Shella is a local maker and owns a successful store in town. Julie and Shella joined forces and decided to create a place to find meaningful, funny, and purposeful items for anyone facing cancer. Traditional gift shops do not have a single thing that feels truly thoughtful or helpful in any way. So this is when Battle Boxes was born.

From one survivor to another. From one friend of a survivor to another. From a spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, or colleague who has to deal with a life-altering tragedy of cancer and asked the question “how can I make this better?”

These few things might make a terrible situation a little bit better, or at least a little easier to deal with. These Battle Boxes include items that can help go through treatments, surgery, chemo and radiation. Hey, you might even have a laugh from some of the items. And so, welcome to Battle Boxes. Please join us in giving some care to a cancer patient.

Being a small business owner themselves, Jules and Shels know how important it is to support local business. Each items in these boxes has been carefully curated with this in mind. Not only are you purchasing a Battle Box for either yourself or as a gift, but you are also supporting multiple small businesses.

GIVE BACK: For every Battle Box purchased, a $5 donation will go towards Wellspring. (Wellspring provides supportive care programs to help Canadians who are living with cancer.)